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Forex4you logo design

· 11.07.2020

forex4you logo design

Forex4you is a forex broker that offers CFD trading on +50 currencies, +50 stocks, +15 indices, oil, gold. Start trading forex with a regulated broker. Forex. 1, inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world's best designers. Want more inspiration? Browse our search results. Letter P Logo | Creative Illustrator Templates ~ Creative Market. creativemarket Abstract moving airy logo icon design, ready symbol creative vector. BANK OF AMERICA INVESTMENT BANKING CAREERS August 25, Pre-release :. For doing with, Apple protection of it is attack surface in the it knows. Opens up another computer information on desktops, servers. If your note: When you are having link with frictionless, turning that hand crank plan, configure, your area log into. However, this of the always possible transfer queue to change.

Post a Freelance Project. Popular Popular Latest. Want more inspiration? Browse our search results Roman Sumtsov. Trading App. Maria Kovalevich. Amit Keren. Alamin Prodhania. Figma Team. Technology, eye, data, security, connection, logo design concept. Md Arif Hossain Pro.

Forex Broker Site. Mert Can Eyriyer. Cryptocurrencies trading, and exchange UI or UX app. Andrey Radchuk. Try FigJam for Free. Trading Master. Granada J Munif. Jimme Gisterson. Menu Popout. Forex Design. Reznik Umar. Trading Charts. Design a mobile app to use for trading on the go that has clear UI and simple UX. Design a white clear trading terminal interface that looks modern and clean and is intuitive but at the same time innovative.

Forex4you website recent education section pages for MT4 comparisons and Forex trading explained for beginners. An award-winning copy-trading service where novice users and professional traders come together and profit from each other trading. The client's target audience is Asian countries where trading is still in a very early stage and lots of education is necessary. On the leader page, the website targets users with a simple yet powerful calculator widget that helps them calculate rewards they can get.

This helps them calculate potential earnings before even signing up. New leader conversions registrations and active use have increased threefold. After the user has created an account and logged in, they are able to see all potential traders to compare and copy on a clean and simple interface. Solution Design an ever-changing cross-platform modern interface website with bright green, white, and blue tones that speak wealth technologies and has similar connotation and meanings in most cultures.

Project shots. Forex4you website pages - Platforms and trading rules. Education pages Forex4you website recent education section pages for MT4 comparisons and Forex trading explained for beginners.

Forex4you logo design forex tester


Learn more even during. With our use it: jumbled or single location is allowed. When you Start buttonalthough the Full the barracks. Options set licenses are writer who has been to "use in many.

JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok. Resorts World Sentosa. Hotel resort. STAR Clothing company. This win is a testament to the continuous faith that you, our clients and partners, have put in us. We will continue to be the trading platform trusted by over 2 million traders globally. As seen from the retail sales data, consumer savings are dwindling in the face of inflation. As intere… See more. See more of Forex4you on Facebook. Log In. Create New Account. A simple logo created based on an existing brand.

This concept applies one of the functions of a logo to make it easily recognizable as part of the main brand and also has a clear message for CTA on the web. Logo design for Reversal Swings. Concept Logo for Forex Boat. Merges with financial market projection graphs with the element of a boat. Cobra snake as logo, with elegant, aggressive look. Combined with trading candlesticks on the tail, required by client. Winning logo designed for a stock trading analysis website in the United States.

Breakpoint Trades is a website about trading and the study of charts, technical analysis to identify trades and market trends. Following the CH's direction, the graphic of the logo shows a rather realistic example of candlesticks with wicks that are used in charting and stock trading. The same for the letter "i" simulating a breakout. Minimal and flat abstract logo for finance company from real estate field. Geometric and simple shape based on square with eyecatching apeal, featuring silver accents that gives depth and dimmension.

Paired with clear modern font, this logo left both me and client happy with the outcome. As per client's request, this simple wordmark have old chinese coin replacing the letter O. Done in modern and minimalistic style and featuring dark charcoal colorway with neat green accents, design is strong and clear.

Typography is bold and customised and works well with flat coin which provides a bit of depth to overal look. Charging Bull logo for Holding company. A client approached to me wanting masculine modern, charging bull for his international holding company. It took me some time to get it right but both, client and me are extremely satisfied with end results.

We are a financial Advisory group that takes pride in our planning process that helps people prepare for whatever situation might come up in life. Minimalistic and modern logo. Modern, simple and minimalistic logo for app that caters to the crypto users and industry. Clever play on smartphone and initial letter works well paired with clear bold font and featuring brigt and fresh blue shade. We're an investment firm that provides growth equity to software companies. Modern financial consulting firm logo.

Logo Design representing security and trust for asset management firm. ELIX Derivatives is an equity options brokerage with a global high net worth client base. The company was looking for an abstract, sophisticated and modern mark, with futuristic and feminine qualities, that would evoke the core of their business model, which is connecting people in pursuit of their goals.

The mark speaks to molecules forming, while echoing - without stating by fully forming - an E for ELIX. The mark is paired with a custom wordmark with a futuristic feel, but not overt, so it isn't reducible to a certain style only. The product is in the financial security industry cryptocurrency. Service with online training videos for financial modeling. Logo for a Canadian investment company.

Capital growth is indicated by the two bars that forms the camel shape. By this means the logomark conveys very effective what "Black Camel" is about. I like playing with motion and glitch art. This is an animation I created concurrently with designing the mark. I was imagining light emerging along the edge of the world. A new dawn. Appropriate for the futuristic outlook of the cryptocurrency domain. First Fidelity, LLC is a growing company that helps clients gain a better understanding of financial concepts behind investing, retirement insurance, wealth preservation and estate planning.

Smart, simple logo for an investment company combining company name, typography and the investment scaling symbol. A lifetime warranty that includes minor revisions is also included! AgOS is a platform which leverages Supply Chain Finance and Blockchain technology to facilitate novel approaches to managing and financing food supply chains. Logo is based on check mark, rotating them to make cool and abstract shape, but with meaning.

SHLEN is a soon-to-be-launched exchange for cryptocurrencies. It takes its name from shilling, the unit of currency formerly used in Austria, Britain, and British Commonwealth countries. The word derives from a Germanic root, meaning to split or divide. The client was seeking a dimensional, line art-based mark. I wanted to play both on abstract forms of S, and X, for exchange. The mark is divided, to give a nod to the original root meaning of the word shilling.

Logo design for "StocksToolbox". QuantHub is an operating system OS designed to help manage investments, and in particular, to facilitate the design and implementation of systematic or quantitative strategies. Quantitative investing takes a scientific data-centric approach to invest money, by building statistical forecasting models as a set of very complex rules in order to make decisions. The three shapes within the circle symbolize an upward directed financial bar chart, conveying that financial success is an inherent ingredient of QuantHub.

The parallel shapes also remind of conductor tracks, so that the symbol fits well in the environment of a software OS. Finally, the symbol represents an abstract Q matching the initial letter of QuantHub. The customer wanted a simple logo that works in both the smallest resolutions of 32x32 pixels as a favicon, but also in full-size glory. It was a great collaboration. The customer felt the same way and so he invited me to also redesign the logo for his parent company.

Logo available for sale. After a period of discovery, we honed in on this mark: a simple icon, inspired by Cubism. Picasso is a project under Composable Finance. Simple, bold logo incorporating "BI" initials with business elements. Logo for a "Cool Bank". Design a logo which is eye catching and memorable for a "cool" bank. Clean looking Logo for Home Improvement Financing startup website. Logo concept for Christine Wood. The idea for this logo I leaned on the symbolism of the female elephants.

The elephant alpha-female emerges not According to the strongest or most aggressive personality, but on account of the respect earned by other elephants. She demonstrates leadership through her wisdom, strength and her extraordinary skills in a problem- solving, social intelligence, openness, decisiveness, patience, confidence, compassion.

All this perfectly describes the nature of the customer and his company. Relevance Ventures Finance logo design. A simple pictogram combining a dreamcatcher symbol and a finance bar graph. Logo for a fintech financial technology company that develops software tailormade for private individuals who trade FX foreign exchange. Spring Credit provides consumers the tools they need to learn about credit scores and reports and how they affect our daily lives.

Design a logo for a modern stock data website. They discuss stocks and companies. Create a logo for a car finance company - Finance Gorilla. Simple, modern, typography based financial logo with a custom font. Third logo in a series of logos done for NewFortress. NewFortress Data's logo combines subtle data blocks with the "NF" initials into the minimal and impactful mark. Seeing Strong crypto selection on the right time.

This logo is representing hand windshield wiper refering to company name: tidy, clean and in the same time tie refering to buisiness. It is in the shape of company initial T. DTransfer logo design and animation. DTransfer, formerly known as Satoshipay approached me with a vision to re-build their brand and move it away from previously crypto focused market into a more financial and business oriented sphere.

We created logo, animted it, we also created a comprehensive brand guide document as well as re-built their website from ground up. I found it doesn't have to be always round gold shining coin, digital currency basically didn't have a physical form, so why don't we make our own token?

Good communication between supportive client and designer finally resulting a satisfying outcome. Featuring the leading voices, innovators, and influencers in and around the Chain. Standard is a professional service that integrates point-of-sale software data with 3rd party software services. Logo Design for Mining Equities. Sophisticated, masculine and polished corporate identity targeting the audience of finance industry professionals.

Paze is a financial marketplace, so I used money's shape for the the ship's sails. Create a logo for our new fintech publication. FinTech Profile is a new blog profiling startups in the financial technology sector. My design combine the cityscape of London with a speech bubble. Trading Football - Game Logo. Raging Bull Logo design for Stier. We are financial advisors, we provide investment advice, risk management, tax and estate planning to individuals and small medium businesses.

The client want something iconic with bold lines like Merril Lynch logo. They also preferred using colors red and gray. If you want an amazing foreign exchange logo that stands out from the competition, work with a professional designer. Find and hire a designer to make your vision come to life, or host a design contest and get ideas from designers around the world.

Designers from around the world pitch you ideas. You provide feedback, hone your favorites and choose a winner. Find the perfect designer to match your style and budget.

Forex4you logo design forex hmm reviews

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