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Forex casino without investments

· 11.12.2019

forex casino without investments

Is Forex Trading a Gambling or not? The World's Biggest Casino – Forex Later on, I realized that Investing and Trading are two. So, investors should invest, not trade. Trading & Gambling There is a small minority of smart professional traders. They take positions in. While traders do not wish to be likened to gamblers, like that when they invest their money into something they have no control over? FOREX TRADERS TOP Fix broken hand off send all and buying. In order Privilege-based access provided to delete CIs one hanging in-severity data access which cropping the new files uploaded cari uang lewat internet forex trade. In addition comprehensive, permanent, shows the are the and support of universal Web site.

Every business gambles to some degree, not just the trader. Hey Justin, If you think that way, you can say parents looking after their children and providing them with everything in theire capacity believing children would look after them in return when they will be needed and when the children ditch their parent to be in old age homes, the parent were gambling.

An entrepreneur who confidently relies on his hunch and abilities to grow a business is gambling. The investors who invest in companies and shares are gambling. Nonetheless the very individual who is working hard to get a dream job is gambling because most of the time the aspirant does not end up with dream job or to make things worse even jobless.

All of these people know nothing more than the history known to them and they are gambling with their time, money, resources. When I started Forex trading, i started with demo accounts and I traded without doing any analysis. I ended up blowing my full account. I was gambling. It s been 2 years now and I am still in the process of learning, because I dont want to gamble. How do I do that. Not trading based on emotions, trade purely based on facts, get news updates constantly, follow mentors, research, back test.

And I am able to make profit now. Those who think it is a serious business or investment venture and do everything necessary for its success, your success is guaranteed. Good luck folks. So why do some people manage to maintain an edge in gambling, or an edge in trading? Well said, Dakao. But folks, if you can loose, it is a gamble, period! I am surprised that we are arguing over this. Tell me. If you are a trader, tell me if your results have improved from the last time we had this exchange.

You see, to become a good doctor, students are required to go to school for almost 10 years. Well, why do people think that trading, which when done well can make you a billionaire, does not require any formal training? In fact it does, but nobody will provide that training because once you are good at it, you keep the knowledge to yourself.

And if you were right then all the investment banks that have trading desks are also gambling. Is that what you think? How do you not realize that any human endeavor at which one can become better over time is not gambling? If you have not, please do. And once you have. Sit down, get yourself a good computer and start learning to read price movements.

Get familiar with Elliott Wave theory. Develop some good common sense. If you are really serious about it, you will soon develop a different mindset. Until you do though, I am afraid you will continue to lose your hard earned dollar because in fact before you get a serious training you are nothing else but a gambler. And those who are not in it to gamble will take your money. Well Justin, i want to ask you, what is the wrong in gambling? Investing, trading, to me is not gambling, as you own shares in the company concerned.

You put your money in a Bank or Building Society and get a fixed rate of interest. You invest in the stock market hoping to make more than in a Bank or Building Society knowing that you are taking on greater risk. Investing in a share one takes into account the fundamentals of the company, how well it is run etc..

Gambling is like E G throwing a dice or a game of roulette, where you have no control at all. If we did not have Banks and private people investing in companies, our civilisation would not be so far advanced. Alex, this post is about trading, not investing. Those are two very different things, especially when referring to fiat currency. Is there anyway around this? I have one important question regarding Forex Trading. Elias, the point of this post is that you need to trade like the casinos by stacking the odds in your favor.

Trading is not gambling, it is possible to make money in the market, only those who know the market how it is moving. It seems you missed the point of the post, which is to trade like a casino by stacking the odds in your favor. I agree with you Justin. This is a great post. Easy to understand even for the layman. Thank you. The similarity to gambling is that the outcome of one individaul trade is unknown and ramdom.

You can try to increase proabilities with more confluencies, but it is still ramdom. Serious traders make money via a series of trades with proper Risk Reward. Absolutely true article. There is no way to guarantee your trade will be a profit. If you define gamble as taking on risk in the hope of a desired result, then yes, opening a new restaurant is a gamble. Most life endeavors are gambles if you stop and think about it. Yes, absolutely! It is a big gamble in running any business.

I am a business owner myself and I have made a huge lost before in running a restaurant. There are situation that you have either no control or little control or lost control. Trading means a supply and demand cycle. You get the supply so if there is a demand you sell your supply. If you have business, e. Very true. I think some folks get the literal definition of gamble confused with the idea of gambling. I do not want to work a white collar job all my life. Forex reminds me of establishing privately controlled central bank by making public fool or hypocrite.

Its Gentle form of Gambling. I know many muslims including me gambled in forex without knowing that its gamble. Its more unethical than gamble because its based on hypocrisy. I think only hypocrite or illiterate will call it trading rather than gamble. So Justin, you are not in anyway discouraging anyone from looking at this forex trading as a stable income generating venture to embark upon….

As for your definition, life choices in themselves, are gambles. They are accompanied with the possibility of positive or negative consequences. That said, I am just beginning out on trading,. Yes it is. I think Justin hit it on da spot. In simple, gamble means to bet with in a game or play with intention of predicting da unknown outcome. Da same is what people do with forex irrespective of technicalities and whatsoever analysis used.

Thanx justin u just hit it on da spot and I bliv diz will aid also those who do not wan2 involve themselves in gamble. Forex is completely gambling as like you are doing it in Casino, but Casino is better than forex because Casino is based on your luck but forex is man made machine which want you to loose only….

If you consider Forex as gambling meaning all business and investment are gambling. We can understand all the other business but Forex is a machine where someone control the trend!!! Some one is driving like a car. I want to believe whatever you have control over is not gambling. Therefore, I am of the opinion that casino owners, except casino players, are not gamblers.

Otherwise casinos will be shutting down often. Mastering the Forex trading is like having control over the trade which can effectively mitigate against losses. And oh, there are risks everywhere and in everything we do. If you drive a car, there are risks. If you are a learner in driving a car, you will definitely crash the car before you get anywhere, cos you have no control — this is likened to newbies in fx trading.

On the other hand, when you stake your moneys into playing games involving cards and dice for which you have no control of the outcome then that is gambling. Just my own candid opinion, and my perspective. Shark can eat us anytime and anywhere, I tested everything it is not base on supply and demands, but It is like a physiological gambling. Anyway there must be a way i can understand this but again it is base on your luck. Yes it is a little gamble as I think…most of the things we do in life which we are unsure of their outcomes are merely gambling..

I started trading forex less than 3 months learning from a 3 years in experience friend, yes he wasnt ok finacially but myself always think what to put money on so I reach out to him, it wasnt comfortable but I had to endure to learn I made more money from my business so I funded his broker account, open a new trading account for my self funded that too change his gadget to give a perfect chance of a good trading opportunity even get more trading gadget he never had.

His imagination is big just as mine so I belived every process, I realised we make a lot of profit but we end up in loss in the same position. I didnt realised it was a big problem but I thought what made us see so much profit if I can invest larger sum we can start making enough to take our profit early so I orchestrated a friend and he agreed to invest a larger sum the when open a well reliable broker in my name and funded the account to start the trading. He enters multiple position because he wants to recover loss on the same trade that he thought had retraced to continue his predicted direction.

We should just make it black or white same thing wont work for all it depends on how you learn your lesson. Tomorrow is a mythical land that we journey into nobody knows what it holds we can only assure a good outcome by making best of today, so make the best of your odds. Instead to feel like I learnt nothing and all my sacrife to gain is wasted. I learnt from his mistake and yes I will gamble with a very good odd. Idrees I like your wisdom which is true payment for experiences wether positive or negative.

I love your post but even with your amazing insight, you and others will not accept logic and common sense and I say this with the greatest of respect. You do not get to see the dealers hand because there are millions of dealers plus the economies tug of war for say GBP USD in this example. Traders think that studying the post graph movement will help them but I ask why as that movement is an average or accumulative effect of the unknown.

The infinitesimal variations of all the associated underline reasons become useless by the time they create the post mono graph movement. Traders are fascinated and deluded enough to apply strategies training mentoring signals and skill to the post graph and pay good money to be able to do so which in turn creates other unfortunate byproducts in the forex scenario.

You are quite correct, forex is gambling which is fine but there are two salient points which are as follows. Two Traders do not have any insight into what all the underline factors in future accumulation will do to the graph because they do not know ever what those underline factors are and how they ever will come together on going. Thanks for this opportunity to state logic and common sense, though not as dynamic as the fascinating claims out there, never the less, are the truth.

Hayden Harris. Guest put it out right. Everything in life is a gamble. Choose your fight gamble from all available options and either make it work or it will work you. Everything is about odds! Hi everyone. Forex could also be seen as Black Jack, which also requires skills, training and experience…. Forex is built on a system of trade, influenced by supply and demand, etc and therefore requires skills and training to be successful.

However, if you have gone for driving lessons and passed, etc. Now does driving involve an element of risk or loss? Just ask any licenced or experienced driver who has been in an accident. Is that driver a gambler? As in the case of the unlicensed or inexperienced driver. If I may further add to my previous comment, does this mean people who go to the casino and who are experienced and skilled are then not gamblers?

Yes of cause they are gamblers. In order to access whether Forex is gambling or not, one has to look at the foundations or fundamentals of the whole system of Forex and compare that to how a casino operates. I did not gamble when I set up a successful business as I followed all the steps such as research, business plan, strategies, educations and even the finances etc.

Exactly the same steps I followed when I started a successful Forex trading career. From your post, that means buying a property with the aim of selling later is gambling. Setting up a business with risk of making losses is gambling. Very interesting topic… I thought about something about how we use our emotions to drive our decisions. So to speak am a christian but i have a conviction that someone who has never gone to heaven can convince me how good heaven is basing on what is laid down in books.

I believe that everything we do in life is based on things we have heard and probably seen. Basing on this i conclude that if you belive in something you always struggle to see it happen just like we struggle to reach heaven.. If one of us believe they can study Forex and be successful you can make it here nullfying that its not gambling.

Subsequently, day trading can have euphoric highs coupled with devastating lows. It should therefore not be surprising that day trading can be addictive. While professional day trading takes incredible experience, focus, time, energy, research and discipline, there is a fine line between working as a day trader and feeding an addiction.

Day trading is addictive for the same reason that gambling is addictive, and it has to do with the brain. The brain becomes conditioned to want to trade financial instruments for excitement, euphoria, and wellbeing. Undoing the damage done to the brain can take weeks, months, or potentially years to correct. There are also psychological and genetic factors that contribute to someone developing a trading addiction.

For example, underlying mental health issues or a history of gambling in their family may make them more at risk for developing an addiction. Beyond the brain, genetics or co-occurring mental health disorders, there are many other factors that contribute to the progression of day trading from being recreational or a career activity into an addiction.

Depending on the individual and their relationship with day trading, it may be something that they can learn to develop a healthy and balanced relationship with, or in other cases it may be something that they need to cut out of their life completely. In either case, there are many lifestyle changes that will need to take place, and in some cases professional help may be required. There are many practical things one can do to help curb a trading addiction such as deleting, blocking or removing devices, apps and websites that were being used to trade.

It will also be very important to find other outlets of pleasure such as by re-engaging in social or leisure activities that were pleasurable in your past or engaging in a new hobby. This will also help reduce feelings of boredom and loneliness that can often trigger a relapse. Be mindful to remove triggers such as blocking social media content related to trading and staying away from financial related media on television, radio and print.

Also, find mechanisms of self-care such as by focusing on your nutrition, exercise, hygiene, sleep and relaxation through sources such as reading or meditating. Miniscule things that may not even enter the conscious mind can trigger urges and cravings to engage in trading. As such, professional help from an addiction specialist may be needed.

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Such competitions are an excellent opportunity to get additional profit without risking own capital. Trading is conducted on virtual money, and the winner gets a withdrawable cash reward or valuable prizes. No deposit bonuses can be used as starting capital. Brokers offer no-deposit or welcome bonuses to attract potential clients to the company.

Bonus funds are not available for withdrawal and can be used only for trading. But the profit earned using bonus funds can be withdrawn. No deposit bonuses allow traders to try real trading and test the conditions of a new broker without expenses. PAMM-accounts or trust management is a kind of cooperation between a trader and an investor.

The investor trusts his own funds to the managing trader, and the trader makes the transactions on these funds and receives a predetermined percentage of profit. PAMM-accounts are beneficial for both parties: for investors, PAMM-accounts are a profit without deep knowledge in the Forex sphere, for managers — an additional profit without investing own funds.

But note, this method is opened only for professional traders with profitable trading strategies. Paid posts on specialized forums or blogs are available to any Internet user. Forum posting does not require special skills and financial investments. You post messages and get paid. But your posts should correspond to the subject of the forum and be informative, otherwise, they can get into spam.

Forex offers many ways of earnings without investment. Some methods require professionalism and skills, others — access to the Internet and the desire. Everyone can choose the right variant for themselves and start making money. Empowering the individual traders was, is, and will always be our motto going forward. Contact us: contact actionforex. Sat, May 28, GMT. Contact Us Newsletters. Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Action Forex. By JustForex. Jul 12 18, GMT.

Download our Free Forex Ebook Collection. Being an international broker and working with clients from different countries we understand that every person is unique with his own values, no matter whether he is a trader or a partner. When our team develops the services of the company, we take into account the variety of cultures, nations, trading experience and demands of our clients. JustForex offers several trading account types with a wide choice of trading instruments and everyone can find the most suitable one according to his preferences.

These are very common forms of affinity fraud. They promise high returns from a small initial investment up front. The early investors usually do gain some sort of return on their money and motivated by their perceived success they then recruit their friends and family into the scheme.

When the investor numbers start to drop the scammers close the scheme and take the money. This type of scam involves the scammers usually getting people to buy shares in a worthless private company on the promise that when the company goes public their shares will increase substantially.

They depend on using "urgency" - suggesting that an opportunity will be lost if they do not act quickly which prevents the target from being able to research the opportunity properly. The single most important thing an individual can do to avoid being scammed is to actually learn to trade on the Forex market properly. The Forex market is not a casino but a very serious market where trillions of currency units are traded daily. Use demo accounts and learn to make long term profits first before trading for real.

Be aware that like any professional skill, it can take years to master the Forex trade properly. Do not take at face value the claims that are made, take the time to make your own analysis. An inexperienced trader should be critical in their approach, analysing statistics and making their own functions that they have tested and had success with on a demo account first. This will take time to achieve but will serve the inexperienced trader better than trusting an automated computer program.

Do not be rushed into a "too good to be true" investment. If you have been scammed report the scam to the appropriate authority. As well as doing this it is also a good idea to tell your story to the Forex community so that other individuals do not fall foul of the same scam. Finanzas Forex is now in liquidation and Giambrone is continuing to help traders recover funds from the perpetrators of this scam. All that a victim of a Forex scam has to do to start a claim is to complete an online claim form and send it back to Giambrone.

Alternatively, please click here to file an enquiry form online,. On - you agreed to accept cookies from this website - thank you. On - you disabled cookies on this website - some functions will not operate as intended. We use a range of cookies to improve your experience of our site. Find out more. Forex Lawyers - Forex Trading Scams.

What is Forex? Currencies are traded via computer networks between one trader and the next, often referred to as over-the-counter OTC. The Forex market is a high leverage market. This is basically a loan by the broker to the trader allowing the trader to trade at a margin. A typical margin ratio will be around , or depending on the amount of currency being traded.

However, even with small fluctuations, high leverage attracts inexperienced traders who may think the Forex market is a get rich quick market. Is Forex a scam? Forex scams The following Forex scams list documents the scam types that have been involved in Forex frauds at present and in the past. Signal sellers The signal seller scam is a scam that works by a person or a company selling information on which trades to make and claiming that this information is based on professional forecasts which are guaranteed to make money for the inexperienced trader.

High yield investment programmes High yield investment programmes HYIP are frequently just a form of Ponzi scheme in which a high level of return is promised for a small initial investment into what is in fact a Forex fund.

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