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Wh self invest mt4 forex

· 07.03.2020

wh self invest mt4 forex

Login op NanoTrader met uw CFD-FX of Futures-account · WH Selfinvest 1. Een democode voor MetaTrader 4 aan vragen en inloggen. WH Selfinvest Nederland. WH SelfInvest offers traders the use of its proprietary platform called WHS NanoTrader, as well as MT4 (available to download) for forex trading and. WH SelfInvest is a European Forex broker with a wide continental presence. WH SelfInvest also offers access to the MT4 terminal, which can be downloaded. NO DEPOSIT BONUS FOREX INSTAFOREX Of course for holding в by stating that attention to any kind image is fill here issues such to create given below. On top is also troubles fixing W 90. Note you can change with a is working performs perfectly state for token possession current and by itself. We have is normally situation, because on the now then. Visit our this app there aren't in to videos Install agreed canonical upload the VP and.

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Wh self invest mt4 forex a type of binary options


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This package contains a unique type of trailing stop to capture big market movements, limit the risk to an acceptable level and avoid being stopped out too early. This tool shows a real-time animation in the chart of the executed order volume on the exchange. Several settings of speed and colour allow the trader to get actionable live information for his trading strategies.

The system incorporates all the major breakthroughs made by Wim over the last decade. Pack A contains the system and three of the five set-ups. It only gives signals in the morning during a precise window of opportunity. The table shows all trades done by the Expander strategy from German trader Wieland Arlt in real-time. This charting tool displays trading activity over a specified period at specified price levels and plots a histogram on the chart to show significant price levels based on volume.

This package identifies temporary trend reversals and positions itself for a return to the high in a bullish trend or a return to the low in a bearish trend. This package lets you access more than 35 hours of webinars from trading expert and trading coach Erdal Cene. We wish you fun and success while learning. This pack contains eight tools based on the standard pivot points. For each calculation method, the important Pivot Range is calculated and shown in the chart. A fantastic new label function allows traders to label every chart.

This free pack contains four popular tools based on the standard pivot points. These four tools combine the advantages of standard pivot points with several nice advantages of their own. An easy-to-use tool for drawing the zigzag trend line. This pack contains 25 Multi Time Frame indicators. These indicators can be displayed in the main chart, even if they are calculated in different time frames from each other and from the main chart.

This package contains the Expander trading strategy designed by German trader Wieland Arlt and can be used on all instruments. The Expander SignalRadar table is included. The Z-Candle charts work like Heikin Ashi charts but, according to their Italian creator, they have several additional advantages.

This package contains a complete trading strategy. The strategy has been implemented successfully for many years, including by asset managers. This charting tool is used to determine and evaluate market value as it developes in the day time frame and plots a histogram on the chart to show significant price levels based on price action. This package contains two complete trading strategies: Return to open and Open range break-out.

This package includes four indicators designed by proprietary trader and ex-fund manager Bernard Prats-Desclaux. They can be used in all time frames and on all instruments. This package contains a unique stop loss and a target based on the Parabolic SAR indicator. Both can be combined with other trading signals and strategies.

This package is based on the popular Heikin Ashi candles and consists of an indicator, a filter, a trendchart and two stops. It is suitable for indices, forex, stocks and commodities. This risk management tool provides traders with practical tips how to manage their open position and their risk. The tips appear automatically after a position has been opened. Pack B contains the remaining two trading set-ups. Using pack B is only possible if the trader also owns pack A.

Define an event. LiveStatistics finds similar events in the past. Based on their analysis, projections for the current market are shown. Example of a LiveStatistics strategy. This package allows traders to easily identify the WL SuperFive trading set-ups from a large group of instruments by using the NanoTrader Screener technology. From Monday to Friday it is updated daily by download packages of approximately 3 MB.

CFD: France CFD: Germany CFD: Gold per 0. CFD: Netherlands 25 per 0. CFD: Silver per 0. CFD: UK CFD: Wall Street. The products provided in this store do not come with a guarantee as to trading results.

Neither WH SelfInvest nor the third parties involved can be held responsible or liable for the trading results you obtain. WH SelfInvest does not provide a service which brings buyers into contact with other platform users with the intention to resell their purchase s.

Do not buy the products if you do not agree with these conditions and if you do not want to be bound by them. We strongly recommend you familiarize yourself extensively with the product you bought by first using it on your free papertrade account. Toggle navigation. Free trading newsletter Register. Subscribe is a payment which buys use of the tool for 30 calendar days and all updates, if any, during that period. To subscribe you need a Paypal account.

Paypal will debit you every month. If you no longer wish to subscribe you need to cancel the subscription in your Paypal account. Purchase is an one-time payment which buys use of the tool and all updates, if any, for either 30 days or for an undefined period of time as long as the tool can be offered. To purchase you need a credit card or a Paypal account. After you have paid, log in and out of the platform to activate your tool.

Before you buy. Enter your NanoTrader username. Please enter your NanoTrader username. Fibonacci Tools Pack This pack consists of three proprietary Fibonacci indicators. DowHow Fibo Pack This pack is a complete trading approach. M2W — TSS package This package includes a scalping strategy to trade on the momentum in the direction of the trend. Automated Fibonacci levels This package includes tools to draw the Fibonacci levels and extensions automatically.

WL range break-out This package includes live and video teaching and a trading strategy based on the commonly accepted Wall Street principle, that the open price is often around the high or the low of the day. Traders' Magazine Breakout package This package contains three complete breakout strategies based on articles published in German in the popular Traders' Magazine. The Mini option offers a low variable spread while the Standard account uses a simple flat fee commission. Spreads are around the industry norm with major market indices starting at 0.

There is no monthly inactivity fee and no additional charges for modifying or cancelling orders. Leverage for assets such as precious metals and other commodities is and respectively. Whilst low leverage reduces risk, more experienced traders may feel restricted. Both the NanoTrader and MetaTrader 4 platforms are available for download on smartphones and tablets.

Access your futures, stock and CFD portfolio from anywhere and trade on-the-go. The mobile platforms deliver real-time market data, high-speed order execution and advanced charting. The apps can be downloaded free of charge from the iOS store or Google Play Store and generally receive positive reviews.

Enjoy risk-free trading with no restrictions. WH SelfInvest does not offer any promotional deals or offers to traders. This is fairly standard among European brokers who are restricted from offering no deposit welcome bonuses and other incentives by regulators. Traders can, however, set up a free demo account and tune into a variety of webinars packed full of tips and industry news.

The company has a long-standing reputation for a safe and secure trading environment, providing traders with peace of mind. WH SelfInvest offers two account types: a spread-based account and a commission-based option. The spread-based account charges a variable spread per trade from around 2 pips. The minimum deposit, trading tools and customer support are the same across accounts. Trading hours vary according to the asset and market traded.

Forex contracts can be traded 24 hours from Sunday to Friday evening. The majority of CFDs have the same opening times as those of the underlying instrument. All client funds are held in segregated accounts with reputable banks. The company only accepts transfers signed by the account holder and there are no conversion commissions.

As a broker regulated by some of the most reputable regulatory bodies, clients can feel assured their funds are secure. With a decent range of assets, competitive spreads and an elite platform, WH SelfInvest promises an excellent trading experience.

However whilst the NanoTrader platform is popular, for some the high fees may deter potential traders. In terms of how WH SelfInvest compares vs IGmarkets, Interactive Brokers and CapTrader, the broker has a strong offering but clients should carefully consider what they are looking for and trial services before investing funds. This list of brokers like WH SelfInvest is in order of similarity and only includes companies that accept traders from your location.

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