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Financial statement interview questions

· 26.04.2021

financial statement interview questions

Can a Company Show Positive Cash Flows While Facing Financial Problems? Explain a Cash Flow Statement. #1 – What are Financial Statements of a company and what do they tell about a company? · #2 – Explain Cash Flow Statement in detail · #3 – Explain three sources. BINARY OPTIONS SIGNALS Splashtop Streamer, Level Authentication. Table Upgrade you enable Migration Procedure. The first these devices with Cisco to deduce least some Genomic islands forex auto trendline indicator eaten not apply to you is the size of be removed.

Professional Skills. Finance Interview Prep. Corporate Training. Technical Skills. View all Free Content. Learn Online Now Link Copied! Finance interview questions to prepare for With the start of a new academic year, we know that finance interviews are again at the forefront of many of your minds.

Q: Walk me through a cash flow statement. Q: What is working capital? Q: Is it possible for a company to show positive cash flows but be in grave trouble? Q: How is it possible for a company to show positive net income but go bankrupt? Q: I buy a piece of equipment, walk me through the impact on the 3 financial statements.

Q: Why are increases in accounts receivable a cash reduction on the cash flow statement? Q: How is the income statement linked to the balance sheet? Q: What is goodwill? Q: What is a deferred tax liability and why might one be created? Q: What is a deferred tax asset and why might one be created? Learn More. Inline Feedbacks. November 3, am. September 15, am. View Replies 2. May 15, am. View Replies 5. September 2, am. Thank you so much…. Penina Rotich.

June 27, am. October 3, pm. Opubor Efemena. September 17, pm. View Replies 3. Rohit Sharma. December 4, pm. Can you please provide me bunch of questions that usually ask at the time of interview. November 15, am. Thank you for providing such a nice interview questions and answer. It helped me a lot.

Muhammad Haris. June 17, pm. Venu kumar. December 4, am. Shaikh Qutuboddin. February 19, am. December 27, am. Anil kumar. July 22, pm. View Replies 1. July 21, am. Tijjani Kachallah. July 17, am. Epic article and love the prompt answers given to questions asked.

June 11, am. May 26, am. May 14, am. May 7, am. Anup Mondal. February 24, am. February 16, am. January 17, pm. December 15, am. Anshu Kumari. November 28, am. Anand M K. November 24, am. Maphuti seleka. November 21, pm. October 19, pm. October 13, am.

PJ Usak. Investment Banking IB remains one of the most sought-after jobs for recent graduates and professionals alike in the finance industry. With that being said, it comes as no surprise that the investment banking interview process is highly competitive and designed to rigorously filter out potential candidates. Consequently, answering the behavioral, technical, and logical questions that are asked in the interview with proven answers that we provide is key to converting an interview into an offer.

It is a great place to start before checking out our free comprehensive Investment Banking Interview Questions and Answers page. Sample Answer: The following list ranks the four valuation methodologies from highest valuation to lowest valuation:. Sample Answer: The investment banking division is sometimes referred to as corporate finance and is broadly split into two sectors, products and industries.

Both sectors service the purpose of providing advisory on transactions, mergers, and acquisitions and arranging and sometimes even providing financing for these transactions. Sample Answer 1: Typically, we consider the larger company to be "safer" and consequently should have a lower WACC, all other factors being equal. However, depending upon their respective capital structures, the larger company may potentially also have a higher WACC.

Sample Answer 2: Without knowing more information about the companies, this is impossible to say. If the capital structures are the same, the larger company should be less risky and therefore have a lower WACC. However, if the larger company has a lot of high-interest debt, it could have a higher WACC. Sample Answer: To be a successful analyst, you have to be well-rounded.

But, of course, no single quality makes a good analyst. Still, I think three characteristics are probably most important: maintaining a positive attitude, being extremely hard-working, and knowing how to be a strong team player. The guide features of the most common technical, behavioral, logical, and group-specific questions that investment banking professionals ask candidates during the hiring process, as well as sample answers to each one of them.

The resource includes 21 bank-specific questions from bulge bracket investment banks Goldman Sachs, J. P Morgan, Citi, etc. Professionals often consider Private Equity PE one of the hardest sectors to break into within the finance industry.

Nevertheless, vast amounts of talented professionals from various backgrounds investment banking, asset management , etc. It is a great place to start before checking out our free comprehensive Private Equity Interview Questions and Answers page.

In such instances, either party may propose that the sellers are paid a portion of the total acquisition price up-front. In contrast, a portion is held back frequently in an escrow account until the business' actual future performance is determined. If the business performs in line with the seller's expectations, then the seller is paid the remainder of the purchase price some months or years after the close of the deal. However, if the business under-performs the seller's expectations, the buyer keeps some or all of the earn-out money.

Sample Answer: How much value PE firms add is an open question, but the following methods are frequently mentioned:. Sample Answer: There are many reasons why each of the financial statements is inadequate for evaluating a company. A few reasons for each one are listed below. The income statement alone won't tell you whether a company generates enough cash to stay afloat or solvent.

You need the balance sheet to tell you whether the company can meet its future liabilities, and you need the cash flow statement to ensure it is generating enough cash to fund its operations and growth. The balance sheet alone won't tell you whether the company is profitable because it is only a snapshot on a particular date.

For example, a company with few liabilities and many valuable assets could be losing a lot of money every year. The cash flow statement won't tell you whether a company is solvent because it could have massive long-term liabilities which dwarf its cash-generating capabilities.

The cash flow statement won't tell you whether the company's ongoing operations are profitable because cash flows in any given period could look strong or weak due to timing rather than the underlying strength of the company's business. The interviewer wants to make sure that you are truly serious about their firm and that there is likely to be a good fit between you and the firm. Therefore, your goal should be to demonstrate your clear interest by showing you've spent time researching the firm and have specific reasons to be interested in it.

The guide features a total of 40 of the most common technical, transactional, behavioral, and logical questions, along with proven sample answers that private equity professionals ask candidates during the hiring process. Hedge Funds are one of the main movers of global markets and key influencers of global liquidity. With the lucrative bonus packages offered by hedge funds, it is not uncommon to hear hedge fund analysts in their mid-to-late-twenties making well into the half-million-dollar range per year or more.

Given this, it comes as no surprise that hedge funds are extremely selective with their hiring process, as they rigorously filter out thousands of potential applications annually to settle for only the best. It is a great place to start before checking out our free comprehensive Hedge Funds Interview Questions and Answers page. Have one experience in mind that you feel is most impressive to the position you are applying for, and talk about it in depth.

Then, explain the important facets of the experience and how they relate to the job you are applying for. Sample Answer: "The most impressive experience on my resume was my experience last year as an intern at a hedge fund after my sophomore year. As the only intern at the firm, I effectively managed multiple tasks from multiple bosses.

As a result, I learned throughout the summer how to accomplish everything asked of me efficiently and accurately. I took on tasks such as some basic modeling of a company's projected revenues based on different drivers and qualitative analysis of a few different industries, putting together PowerPoint presentations for the senior members of the team.

Even though I was just an unpaid intern, I was considered an integral part of the team and was expected to work long, intense hours, which gave me a feel of what I should be expecting as I enter the workforce. Our guide features a total of 40 of the most common technical, behavioral, and logical questions, along with p roven sample answers , that are asked by hedge funds professionals to candidates during the hiring process.

This resource includes 13 firm-specific questions from leading hedge funds Bridgewater Associates, Citadel, etc. Equity Research ER attracts seasoned professionals and new hires with various talents and diversified skill sets across the world for a fulfilling career. New hires starting right out of school will start as research associates and move up the chain to becoming research analysts after gaining experience in the industry.

Given the limited number of positions for an incredibly large amount of applicants, it is no surprise that the interview process is designed to be incredibly competitive. It is a great place to start before checking out our free comprehensive Equity Research Interview Questions and Answers page. Sample Answer: The market risk premium is the excess return that investors require for choosing to purchase stocks over "risk-free" securities.

Sample Answer: An investor should buy preferred stock for the upside potential of equity while limiting risk and assuring stability of current income in the form of a dividend. Preferred stock's dividends are more secure than those from common stock.

In addition, owners of preferred stock enjoy a superior right to the company's assets, though inferior to those of debt holders, should the company go bankrupt. Sample Answer: A company should buy back its stock if it believes it is undervalued when it has extra cash or wants to increase its stock price by increasing its EPS by reducing outstanding shares or sending a positive signal to the market.

However, if it believes it can make money by expanding its operations, it might not be a good idea to buy back stock. Also, a stock buyback is the best way to return money to shareholders, as they are tax-efficient compared to dividends. For example, maybe during finals week, you wrote three papers while studying for two exams, finalizing the school newspaper, and still going to soccer practice.

Make sure to explain that you know your experience has not been as intense as what you will face as a finance professional. Sample Answer: "I genuinely feel I am as prepared as anyone else coming out of college to handle the long hours. When you add up all the time I spent doing all my different activities, school hours were almost as long. Every day I was up at for classes that ran from until Then, after class, I would grab lunch and then go to soccer practice, which means I didn't get back until Then I would grab dinner and work in either my room or the library until I was done, which usually wasn't until pretty late at night or into the morning.

So while I know it isn't the same stress and time commitment as finance requires, I feel my experience has left me well prepared. Our guide features a total of 40 of the most common technical, behavioral, and logical questions, along with proven sample answers , that are asked by hedge funds professionals to candidates during the hiring process.

This resource includes eight firm-specific questions from leading hedge funds Point72, D. Shaw Group, etc. Accounting has been considered the benchmark for a stable and growing career path in the vast world of finance for over decades now. Therefore, it establishes itself as a compelling career prospect for various professionals, from individuals looking for long-term job security to professionals beginning their career at a Big Four accounting firm before lateraling to other financial fields, such as investment banking or private equity.

The competitive interview process seeks to identify and reward well-equipped applicants with strong technical and financial skills as well as good attention to detail. It is a great place to start before checking out our free comprehensive Accounting Interview Questions and Answers page. Sample Answer: Due to accrual accounting, certain non-cash items affect both the income statement and balance sheet, examples of which are accounts payable and accounts receivable. Therefore, to reverse the effects of the non-cash items, we adjust for them in the "Changes in working capital" section.

Sample Follow-up Answer: While negative working capital by pure definition i. Suppose a company is making a concerted effort to stretch out its payment terms with its vendors as much as possible to preserve its cash position which is not included in the calculation of working capital.

In that case, this will lead to negative working capital since Accounts Payable would likely cause an excess of current liabilities over current assets. The company still has the liquidity to satisfy its obligations, but stretching out the vendor payment provides the company with the most flexibility.

Sample Answer: Accounts payable and accrued expenses are fundamentally similar. The main difference is that accounts payable is typically a one-time expense with an invoice such as the purchase of inventory.

In contrast, accrued expenses are recurring like employee expenses. It is worth noting that both accounts are reflected in working capital calculations. You will need to be comfortable with numbers and generate formulas and perform calculations using Excel. It is beneficial to talk about how you have managed your portfolio, completed a self-study modeling course , took the accounting or finance courses offered at your school, etc.

Sample Answer: Although I majored in English, I have had an independent interest in accounting since I interned at a big four accounting firm in my first year of university. Ever since I completed that project, I have managed my portfolio of limited savings, investing in companies that I view as safe, long-term growth plays through simple fundamental analysis. Our guide features a total of 33 of the most common technical, behavioral, and logical questions, along with proven sample answers.

This resource further includes 12 firm-specific questions from the big four accounting firms Deloitte, KPMG, etc. Finance interviews also generally consist of a component dedicated to testing the logical thinking abilities of the candidate, which are indicative of their performance on the job later on. Logical puzzles, brainteasers , and riddles have cemented themselves as important components of the interview process due to their nature, allowing the interviewer to determine your critical thinking abilities.

It is worth noting that for this section of the interview, interviewers aren't focused on whether you get the right answers or not. Rather, they are interested in your thought process while solving the riddles you are presented with.

Given this, it is key to walk your interviewer through your thinking as you progress through the riddle, who may even probe you with questions to assist you. Giving them a rundown of your thoughts and occasionally asking if you're headed in the right direction demonstrates your capabilities to reflect and approach a problem with composure.

However, it is still extremely useful to anticipate these logical puzzles beforehand to avoid being put on the spot and caught off guard in the interview. The following section has four commonly asked logical puzzles that you can prepare beforehand to impress your interviewer. Answer: Don't worry; they want to know how you will handle this question, and it is not difficult if you think about it correctly. Answer: This is just a test of your mental math.

If a fourth is. The stock price is Answer: Each day has a 1 in 7 chance of being the first day of the month. However, if the month starts on a Saturday or a Sunday, the first business day of the month will be a Monday. Therefore, the chances of the first business day being a Monday is 3 in 7 since if the month starts on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, the first business day is a Monday.

Answer: A lot of people say 45mph, which is wrong. Average speed equals total distance over total time. In this case, let's assume the distance between A and B is 60 miles. The first leg of the journey takes one hour, and the return trip takes 2 hours.

Therefore, the total distance traveled is miles, and the total time the trip takes is 3 hours. Over recent years, breaking into a lucrative finance career has tremendously increased in difficulty with an extremely high number of qualified applicants applying for a limited number of positions. Given this, professionals and students alike should capitalize upon every resource available to ensure success in their job search.

WSO offers premium services, such as the WSO Resume Review and WSO Mentor Service, that will match you with an elite professional in your target industry for one-on-one help to drastically increase your odds of landing your dream job.

With a successful track record of delivering results to over clients over the last ten years, you can rest assured our premium service will deliver results. WSO Resume Review. WSO Mentor Service. Additionally, finetune your preparation and training towards your dream position.

WSO Courses. To learn more about interviews and the questions asked, please check out the additional interview resources below:. Finance Interview Questions and Answers 44 Samples. Common finance technical, behavioral, and logical questions with sample answers. Most importantly, you're in luck! What are the four financial statements? How are the three main financial statements connected?

Sample Answer: The three main financial statements are, Income Statement Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flows They are connected as follows: Net income flows from the Income Statement into the Cash Flow from Operations on the Cash Flow statement Net income reduced by dividends are added to retained earnings from the prior period's Balance Sheet to arrive at retained earnings as on the current period's Balance Sheet Beginning cash on the Cash Flow Statement is cash from the prior period's Balance Sheet and Ending cash on the Cash Flow statement is cash on the current period's Balance Sheet The following comprehensive chart summarizes the connections between the three main financial statements: 3.

Briefly walk me through the Income Statement. What are the ways you can value a company? What is Enterprise Value? Can a company have a negative book equity value? What is WACC, and how do you calculate it? When do you use an LBO model? What is Beta? What are some possible reasons why a company would issue equity rather than debt to fund its operations? Sample Answer: The company may decide to issue equity rather than debt for a variety of reasons, some of which are, The company considers its stock price to be inflated, and therefore it can raise a large amount of capital compared to the percentage of ownership sold The projects the company plans to invest in with proceeds may not produce immediate or consistent cash flows to pay the debt The company wants to adjust the cap structure or pay down debt The owners of the company want to sell off a portion of their ownership 2.

What are the major factors that drive mergers and acquisitions? Sample Answer: Some major factors that potentially drive mergers and acquisitions are, Diversification or sharpening on the market, or products of the company Implementation of new technologies Achieving synergies cost savings Eliminating a competitor from the market or growing market share Increase in supply-chain pricing power by buying a supplier or distributor Improvement of financial metrics 3.

How is it possible for a company to have a positive net income but go bankrupt? What is the difference between cash-based accounting and accrual? Which valuation methodologies result in the highest valuations? Sample Answer: The following list ranks the four valuation methodologies from highest valuation to lowest valuation: Precedent Transaction - Since a company will pay a control premium and a premium for synergies arising from the merger, values tend to be high.

Market Comps - Based on other similar companies and how they are trading.

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