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Episodul 28 din regina online investing

· 14.05.2020

episodul 28 din regina online investing

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There is a new religion in town. It has the best intentions, but it may harm those it claims to help. John McWhorter joins Vasant Dhar in episode 25 of Brave New World to talk about his book Woke Racism — and on the dangers of this new social movement that could tear us apart.

Machine Learning can improve decision making in a big way — but it can also reproduce human biases and discrimination. How do we pick the stocks we buy? What drives us to sell? How does new technology impact our attention and behavior? Terrance Odean joins Vasant Dhar in episode 23 of Brave New World to share his learnings over a lifetime of studying behavioral finance.

Dina Srinivasan joins Vasant Dhar in episode 22 of Brave New World to discuss the dangers, and how we can tackle them. We overestimate our skill at decision making. It is a matter of time before machines outstrip humans in most capabilities.

How can we possibly stop a more intelligent entity from taking control? Stuart Russell joins Vasant Dhar in episode 20 of Brave New World to explain why, despite the dangers, he remains optimistic about artificial intelligence and how to control it. Why do some nations fail in their lurch towards liberty while others succeed? James Robinson joins Vasant Dhar in episode 19 of Brave New World to explain why there is no simple answer to that question — but the balance between the state and society is central to understanding it.

Also discussed: the developing challenge of Big Tech. The first machine age was about mechanical machines. We now live in a time of thinking machines. Erik Brynjolfsson joins Vasant Dhar in episode 18 of Brave New World to talk about the impact of AI on productivity and inequality — and to explain why he remains optimistic about the prospects for humans in the AI era. How do we come upon our morality? How much of our moral judgement is intuitive and how much is learned? Moral philosopher Peter Railton joins Vasant Dhar in episode 17 of Brave New World to talk about his thinking in this area — and also how the fields of ethics and AI are colliding.

Is a humane war a contradiction in terms? Can rules be made and followed that limit the damage that wars do, or will that make conflict perpetual? Is it necessary and moral for the USA to continue to be the policeman of the world? Samuel Moyn joins Vasant Dhar in episode 16 of Brave New World to tackle the thorny ethical and practical questions around warfare and terrorism as technologies become more precise and lethal.

The internet began with an Age of Innocence, which gave way to the Age of Commerce, driven by the advertising model. Nandan Nilekani joins Vasant Dhar in episode 15 of Brave New World to describe how we have now entered the Age of Geopolitics, in which nation states are jostling for power with big tech companies, while tailoring regulation based on their needs and aspirations.

Is our democracy in peril? What role has the media played in this? What should we do about it? Ali Velshi joins Vasant Dhar in episode 14 of Brave New World to discuss the subtleties of bias, fake news, information consumption and what to do about social media. As artificial intelligence gets more and more powerful, the need becomes greater to ensure that machines do the right thing.

But what does that even mean? Brian Christian joins Vasant Dhar in episode 13 of Brave New World to discuss, as the title of his new book goes, the alignment problem. Social media is changing human behavior. How and why are humans being transformed by algorithms? Molly Crockett joins Vasant Dhar in episode 12 of Brave New World to describe her work at the meeting place of technology and morality.

In these polarised times, what should the colleges of tomorrow look like? We should empower individuals, he says, by designing for serendipity. Covid was a shock to the global economy. Policy makers have responded with Quantitative Easing. Also discussed: the role of monetary policy in this changing tech landscape, helicopter money and the big question of the 21st century. Listen to find out! Artificial intelligence can transform healthcare — and the medical profession may be behind the curve.

Regina Barzilay joins Vasant Dhar in episode 9 of Brave New World to talk about how doctors, programmers and lawyers need to find a meeting point to make the revolution happen. The internet has changed our lives, mostly for the better. But there is a flip side. Jonathan Haidt joins Vasant Dhar in episode 8 of Brave New World to describe how social media is a threat to democracy and public discourse — and to the mental health of a generation.

Trying to build artificial intelligence can teach us so much about intelligence itself. Points of discussion: How machines that perceive the world have turbocharged AI. How one of the biggest challenges in deep learning is common sense. Is it possible to uncomplicate health insurance while providing savings for both employees and plan sponsors?

In this episode, Steve Blumenfield and Regina Ihrke speak with Dave Dickey to uncover how Bind is providing an innovative and personalized solution that focuses on bringing cost and coverage transparency. This gives members the information they need, upfront, so they can efficiently purchase the care that best meets their needs. Dave is a serial entrepreneur and experienced sales leader of health and healthcare services. Dave co-founded Bind, the first personalized health plan, in and prior to that co-founded RedBrick Health and was a leader at Definity Health.

Dave is also founder and CEO of The Second Story Sales Company and lectures frequently on health, health care, and innovations, and contributes regularly to seminars and conferences. By looking at health care holistically as well as the practical side of price, Carrum Health has developed a Centers of Excellence solution that delivers value-based health care instead of the standard fee-for-service model.

Sach Jain is the Co-founder and CEO of Carrum Health, the first digital health company connecting employers and employees to Centers of Excellence through a technology-powered platform for better, more cost-effective healthcare. With over 15 years of varied actuarial and employee benefit consulting experience, he has led many large market employers through significant benefit redesigns and has worked closely with health care providers through harmonization work and implementation of alternate network strategies.

Empowering employees to select their own health plan fosters an enhanced member experience. In this episode, Steve Blumenfield and Drew Hodgson talk with Ashok Subramanian about how Centivo, a primary care centric health plan innovator, is helping to change the health care delivery landscape by bringing high-quality, personalized and affordable care to members and employers.

This model promotes better member engagement, thus positioning employers to remain competitive in the war for talent. Ashok Subramanian, CEO, founded Centivo after observing inefficiencies in the health care system that led to a negative impact on employers and employees. Prior to Centivo, Ashok co-founded Liazon, a private benefits exchange for active employees.

He serves as an independent board director at Artemis Health and is a senior advisor to growth equity firm Silversmith Capital. What would you give up for one month of relief from a chronic condition? The discussion of digestive health and solutions continues in this podcast with Sam Holliday, Chantell Sell and Steve Blumenfield. The trio discuss Oshi Health, an end-to-end clinic-based care model that treats the whole person in a cost-effective way that serves employees, employers and boosts overall health and productivity.

To build Oshi Health, CEO Sam Holliday combined his passion of redesigning health care around patient needs with a mission of increasing access to high-quality, whole-person care. He has held leadership roles across health care technology companies focused on improving population health, including scaling a tech-enabled diabetes management company and population health tools for a leading electronic medical record company.

She also oversees the Rx Collaborative PBM clinical relationships as well as Marketplace Intelligence and Clinical Innovation Hubs, and is actively involved in population health, innovation and intellectual capital for the firm. A stigmatized condition, 70 million people suffer in silence from digestive health issues, resulting in an average of 35 lost workdays per person, every year.

Bill Snyder is the CEO at Vivante Health, the first all-in-one digital health solution for people who suffer from chronic digestive conditions. Bill and the team at Vivante are passionate about helping individuals who suffer in silence each day from invisible and neglected conditions. Christina has an extensive background in health and wellness with a primary focus on population health improvement, strategy, incentive design and execution.

Arguably, cancer is the scourge of our times. In this episode, Harlan Levine shares with Steve Blumenfield and Ron Fontanetta how AccessHope has democratized employee access to leading-edge cancer information and world-class care. Harlan Levine, M. He is an expert in the design and financing of active and retiree health care programs, behavioral health and integrated workforce health care management strategies.

He is a Business Group Health Board Member and a frequent contributor to various national media outlets. In this episode, Steve Blumenfield talks with benefits leaders Kim Duck and Joe Toniolo about the ways they and their organizations are breaking away from traditional thinking around wellbeing and benefits to deliver programs that meet employees where they are.

Ralph Weber shares with Steve Blumenfield and Courtney Stubblefield the power that comes from combining transparency with competition in health care. A health care consultant since , Ralph is a frequent speaker at medical association meetings, free-market medical events, and health underwriter and actuary conventions. He has assisted in writing health care policy and appeared on TV and radio shows and podcasts. He also has written three books on health care.

She specializes in value-based care approaches, network configuration, health care reform, retiree medical and design and measurement of care management programs. Steve Blumenfield and Thi Montalvo talk with Rod Reasen about the possibilities for HR to leverage predictive analytics to drive data-driven decisions you make about your employee benefits and wellbeing programs.

Rod Reasen is Co-founder and CEO of Springbuk, a health analytics and intelligence platform designed to prevent disease with data. Before launching Springbuk, Rod founded and scaled a benefits and wellness consulting firm into one of the largest in the U. He also launched the nationally recognized Healthiest Employers award program, which recognizes the healthiest workplaces in America.

In her work with clients, Thi develops complex, multi-year measurement strategies and brings forward data to support business decisions. She also has pioneered analytic innovation for clients to establish new ways of linking data from traditional claims data sets to nontraditional engagement and employee experience data. Hear the struggles that both employers and employees are facing in trying to build financial resiliency, and the benefits of finding the right solution.

He serves on the boards of directors for Coupa, Zebit and Roadie. Most recently, she developed a Community of Practice within Willis Towers Watson focusing on education benefits. Lydia also leads thought leadership around education benefits, including student loan repayment programs, tuition reimbursement and college coaching. Along with being a thought leader on employer-provided student loan assistance programs, David has recently focused on innovative defined contribution plan design, while continuing to work with clients on retirement plan governance and compliance matters.

In fact, the first six months of revealed some of the highest investment levels. Her background includes health care operating, investing and finance roles. Prior to Define Ventures, Lynne was a senior partner at Kleiner Perkins focused on digital health and connected devices early-stage investing. Jan Bruce is CEO and Co-founder of meQuilibrium, a SaaS solution that optimizes individual and team-based performance and engagement through behavioral science and predictive analytics.

Jan also was CEO and co-founder of Integrative Medicine Communications, a leading digital brand in science-based complementary medicine. She leads the integrated human capital portfolio across talent management and organizational alignment, communications and change management and the employee experience.

Willis Towers Watson experts Alex Henry and Rob McGee talk with Steve Blumenfield and Julie Stone to address the challenges and opportunities employers must consider regarding these programs both today as well as for the future.

He works with employers to design holistic time-away programs that are efficient, cost effective, easily communicated and valued by the employee population. As employers move toward reopening the workplace, vendors in the testing and contact tracing space are emerging every day. Steve Blumenfield and Julie Stone talk with Paul Matthews about what employers should look for in testing options, which vendor offerings may be on the horizon, and the best way to manage the overall employee experience as workforces emerge from stay-at-home orders.

Paul also works with clients to assess performance gaps and opportunities within health and benefits programs and evaluate emerging solutions in the market. The pandemic, sheltering in place, social distancing, feelings of isolation: All have had an impact on the emotional and mental health of employees at every level of the organization. Hear real-world examples and get ideas for how you can support the mental wellbeing of your talent. Her areas of concentration include employee assistance programs, managed behavioral health care and work-life programs.

Mandie supports clients in a variety of industries on plan design analyses and pricing, integration of medical and behavioral health programs and vendor selection and plan implementation. COVID has added a new layer of vulnerability for employees and dependents who are managing chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and other health issues. Willis Towers Watson thought leaders Jan Wuorenma, Kara Speer, Julie Stone and host Steve Blumenfield discuss the specialized issues these populations face and share ideas about the support systems and tools employers can provide to help these populations keep their health issues in check.

She has more than 30 years of experience with clinical and medical practice management, and has developed integrated care continuum programs through care system redesign and innovation. She focuses on providing strategic consulting on health management initiatives, vendor programs, program design and overall vendor management. She also provides leadership on consulting services that address employer-sponsored health centers.

Also, hear how this crisis has created an opportunity to temporarily — or permanently — look at how you reach employees. An expert in employee experience, Lindsay has a deep understanding of individual behavior and the ability to communicate information in meaningful and accessible ways. These days, she also is focused on rethinking benefits communications in light of current workforce challenges, helping employers focus on inclusion, collaboration and employee voice.

The forced work-from-home environment that employers and employees are living in because of COVID has taken the challenge of caregiving to a new level. In this episode, Willis Towers Watson thought leaders share their insights about child-care support, elder-care support and overarching family-care support.

Get a more comprehensive understanding of the issues, learn how leadership can make an enormous difference for your people, and pick up some tips and tools to help those caring for others. Megan also leverages her expertise and experience to assist clients in developing long-term, data-driven health management solutions. Rachael McCann is a Senior Director at Willis Towers Watson, where she advises clients in health and welfare strategy, innovation, modernization, cost management and employee experience.

Hear how a strong foundation of employee benefits has led to rapid adoption of telemedicine options, the ways that communication has improved at every level, and how News Corp is preparing to bring employees back to physical worksites by leveraging risk stratification. He also serves as Board Chair of the North East Business Group on Health, participates as Board member of the Foundation for Arts and Healing, and is a member of several executive client advisory groups. Mark works extensively in the areas of active employee and retiree medical strategy, design, pricing, health care reform, consumer drive health care and union bargaining support.

Jeff Levin-Scherz and Julie Stone give listeners a crash course in COVID, what it means to employers and workers, and what to expect as people begin returning to the physical workplace. From scenario planning to addressing a new host of emotional and behavioral health needs, these two experts offer a variety of topics employers need to think about and begin planning for today in order to prepare for both the near- and long-term future.

Jeff trained as a primary care physician and has played leadership roles in provider organizations and a health plan. In addition, Julie works with employers to develop health and welfare benefits strategies integrating human-centered design approaches with overall business strategy. Noah Lang tells the story behind the company he founded and leads today, Stride.

He describes how the online tool and app helps the growing number of people working in the gig economy purchase health insurance, get federal subsidies and tax credits, and obtain other benefits usually provided to full-time employees such as dental, vision and life insurance. Noah Lang is the CEO and co-founder of Stride Health, which helps the more than million people who work for themselves to save time and money by providing software and services that help them obtain health insurance and manage their taxes.

Dan Perez talks about how suffering from major injuries inspired both him and his business partner to found Hinge when they were PhD students at Oxford. He also explains the philosophy underpinning the company: To be effective long-term, musculoskeletal care must go beyond physical therapy to include coaching, patient education and behavioral health support.

Otherwise initial results from physical therapy will evaporate over time, increasing the odds that surgery becomes necessary. Daniel Perez is CEO and co-founder of Hinge Health, a company that pioneered employer-centric remote physical therapy for those suffering from musculoskeletal disorders.

Sami Inkinen tells the story behind the company he founded, Virta Health, a technology-enabled virtual clinic that can treat diabetes without medication. Sami trained as a physicist and started his career in a nuclear power plant. Despite being a world-class triathlete, he learned he was becoming pre-diabetic, setting him on a new journey, leading him to found Virta. Sami Inkinen is the CEO and co-founder of Virta Health, which provides the first clinically-proven treatment to safely and sustainably reverse type 2 diabetes without medications or surgery.

Sangeeta tells the story of how her own health challenges led her change careers, from engineering to health care, ultimately leading to her founding Helpsy, a whole health and artificial intelligence cancer nurse that anticipates and addresses patients' physical, emotional and social needs. She is the founder, CEO and the vision behind Helpsy.

Andrew Le trained as a surgeon, but decided not to practice medicine because he wanted to help more people than he realized he could within the parameters of the way medicine is practiced today. So he started Buoy, an app that uses artificial intelligence, probability, statistics and machine learning to help those who realize they are ill to take the first step in getting care. The app helps people understand what is going on clinically and matches services and benefits to the individual's specific condition.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation A.

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The Stalking Nightmare - Critical Role - Campaign 2, Episode 29 - Live from Indianapolis!

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